Thy Kingdom Come - September 17, 2022 Saturday at 7:30PM

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All around us are signs that the Kingdom of God is very near.

   It is a Kingdom of Love and Forgiveness

   It is a Kingdom full of new and eternal Life

   It is a Kingdom that is changing the world

   It is a Kingdom made visible to the eyes of faith

How can we enter into this Kingdom?

Please join us via this ZOOM link on September 17, 2022 Saturday at 7:30PM for a half-hour meeting as we explore what the coming Kingdom of God would mean to you. A live Q&A will be held afterward for all remaining on Zoom.

If you want to reach out, please use this Google form

If you want to join us in-person on Sunday, please click here for more details.

May God bless you richly as you embark on a personal journey to know Him more.